Privacy Policy

About this website

This website is operated by a private company not associated with any governments. The services and information offered is for the purpose of assisting travelers apply for a travel authorization. A travel authorization is also known as an e-Visa or electronic travel authorization. When you visit our website for the purposes of obtaining information and/or request assistance in applying for a travel authorization, you automatically consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy. This policy will be updated and reviewed periodically to reflect our latest changes to how we collect and process data. We ask all visitors to review our polices when browsing our website.

The information we collect

We only collect information that is voluntarily provided to us via email or through the application services offered on this website. You consent to processing of data by contacting us, or by purchasing our application service. At the time of sending an e-mail or completing the purchase, you are allowing us to process your data in order to provide a response and complete the service offered. The information you provide will only be used to assist and process the application. Our company will not use the data received for any other purposes unless legally required to do so. Your information will be deleted from our database when no longer deemed needed in order to provide excellent customer service.

Data Retention Policy

The purpose of this Data Retention Policy is to explain what data we obtain, how long data is kept and then deleted. In order for our company to evaluate and process US travel authorizations, we need to request certain data from all customers. Examples of data which must be submitted include travel itinerary, employment information, name, address, and payment details. Without all compulsory fields completed, it is not possible for us to process any travel authorizations. We only keep data for as long as needed to provide excellent customer service and complete the application service. Emails and applications are permanently deleted once no longer needed. Data is never shared with any other company for commercial reasons.

Request to remove personal data

You may request in writing that we remove personal information submitted to us as part of the application by contacting our customer service department: Upon receiving a removal request, your email and name will be verified towards the data held. Upon validating your identity or those you request removal on behalf of, the personal information will be deleted. You will receive a response once the deletion is completed.

Sharing of information

In order for us to provide the services offered on this website, your personal information is submitted to corresponding institutions. We do not share your data with other company or person for any reason, unless legally required to do so by subpoena or court order.

Links to external domains

We include links to external websites to provide additional information about the industry and introduce websites that may be of interest. The fact that we provide these links do not mean that we approve of or endorse the content, services or products offered by those websites. Should you choose to follow the external links, we cannot be held liable for the way you may utilize those sites, or for any content they include. When visiting the website of any third party provider, we strongly recommend to read their terms and conditions thoroughly. The data you choose to voluntarily provide to external links are beyond our control. We do, however, make every attempt to ensure that those websites are not in violation of any legal requirements.

Links from external domains

Visitors may arrive at our website via links provided by third parties, which are not controlled by our company. It is not possible to conduct continual or permanent reviews of the status of other websites, and it would be unreasonable to expect us to do so. We cannot be held liable for the way other websites are utilized or for their content. We recommend that all visitors read any website’s polices thoroughly before choosing to continue browsing or purchase a service/product.

Website security

We only use HTTP over SSL (Secure Socket Layer / HTTPS) in order to ensure the highest possible security for transfer of data through our website. SSL allows visitors to securely enter personal information and make credit card payments. Should you come across a website that displays only HTTP rather than HTTPS in the address section of your browser, we strongly recommend that you do not enter any credit card details or personal information.

Directive on ePrivacy and GDPR

We adhere to Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July, 2002, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, which outlines the requirements for businesses regarding customer privacy protection and the manner in which all personal data is processed.

Change to Policy

We reserve the right to update and modify this Privacy Policy at any time when circumstances require. We recommend all visitors to periodically review our policies for changes. The date of the latest change will appear in the lower corner of this page.

Page last reviewed: 30 June 2018